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    Legalization Efforts Receive A Boost In Finland

    Back in October, an initiative was launched in Finland which seeks to legalize cannabis for adult use in the European country. Recently, …
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    Patients Frequently Use Cannabis As A Sleep Aid According To Australian Survey

    Insomnia is a major problem around the world. Whether people suffer from insomnia as a primary condition, or it is caused by a different …
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    Terpenes Enhance THC’s Ability To Interact With Endogenous Receptor

    For many years very little was known about cannabis terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds contained in the cannabis plant that gives it it…


    Canadian Study Finds Cannabis Products Effective In Self-Management Of Myofascial Pelvic Pain

    Myofascial pelvic pain syndrome is a health condition involving pelvic pain that is often described by sufferers as ‘short, tight, tender…
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    UK Study Fails To Identify Cannabis As A Risk Factor For Development Of Psychosis

    Cannabis opponents and mainstream media outlets have claimed for many years that cannabis is bad for human brains. As part of their claim…
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    Germany’s Health Minister Should Not Be Scared Of Legal Cannabis Edibles

    Cannabis-infused edibles are not only a growing sector of the emerging legal cannabis industry; they play a vital role in boosting public…
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    How Will Germany’s Legalization Model Compare To Other Legal Jurisdictions?

    Adult-use cannabis policy is taking shape in Germany after many details were provided during a press conference held earlier this month. …
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    Frankfurt And Offenbach Declare Intent To Launch Pilot Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

    A little over a week ago federal ministers in Germany held a press conference in which they provided details regarding the nation’s curre…


    Legalization Efforts In Guernsey ‘Not Likely To Get UK Royal Assent’

    Guernsey may not be the first place that comes to mind when someone thinks about cannabis policy, however, the self-governing British Cro…
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    New Report Highlights Global Cannabis Industry Investing Trends In 2022

    A new data analysis report was recently published involving cannabis industry investing, merger, and acquisition trends from last year. T…
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    These Sectors Of Germany’s Cannabis Industry Will Thrive Under Phase 1 Of Legalization

    Germany’s long-awaited legalization plan was announced earlier this month, with multiple federal ministers participating in a widely view…
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    Attend Cannabis Europa 2023 In London In May

    The emerging legal cannabis industry in Europe is set for exponential growth in the coming years. Germany recently announced its adult-us…
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