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    Italy Would Obviously Benefit From Cannabis Legalization

    A bit of a metaphorical political food fight occurred last week on social media with two lawmakers in Italy having, shall we say, a ‘deba…
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    Argentina Creates A National Agency For Cannabis

    Argentina’s emerging cannabis industry has evolved at a rapid pace compared to other markets in recent months. As we previously reported,…
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    Did Germany’s Government Create A Domestic Cannabis Monopoly?

    Medical cannabis policy in Germany is somewhat unique, in that the law permits for insurance reimbursements for medical cannabis products…
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    Cannabis Smoke Not Associated With Impaired Lung Function According To Australia Study

    Cannabis opponents do their best to try to lump cannabis smoke and tobacco smoke into the same category, and to be fair, it’s something t…
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    Medical Cannabis Reform In Japan Is A Two-Edged Sword

    Japan’s government appears to be set to adopt a limited medical cannabis legalization measure. A health ministry panel in Japan previousl…
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    France Council Proposes Cannabis Legalization To Boost Public Health

    France is one of the most popular places for cannabis consumption on the entire planet, which may shock some people given the fact that F…
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    Report: German Health Minister Confirms Timetable For Cannabis Legalization

    Over the weekend a potentially significant report surfaced regarding cannabis legalization in Germany. To quickly recap how we got to whe…
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    5 Reasons To Attend An International Cannabis Business Conference Event In Europe

    The International Cannabis Business Conference is the world’s leading cannabis industry and policy event series. Below is a list of reaso…
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    Another UK Study Finds THC/CBD Reduces Seizure Frequency In Children With Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy

    Making healthcare decisions for a child is not an easy thing, as many factors have to be weighed and considered, not the least of which i…
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    Legalization Delays Are Causing Confusion In Luxembourg

    At one point in time, towards the end of the last decade, Luxembourg seemed to be a sure bet to become the first country in Europe to pas…
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    What’s Really Going On With Cannabis In Spain?

    Cannabis consumers and patients live in some truly amazing times in many parts of the world thanks to the tireless efforts of cannabis ac…
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    Case Series Demonstrates Cannabis’ Effectiveness At Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline personality disorder is a serious mental health condition that significantly impacts the way sufferers think and feel about th…
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