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    Cannabis Normal! Conference

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    Attend The Cannabis Normal! Conference In Berlin Next Month

    Germany will never become the first country to legalize cannabis for adult use. That designation will forever go to Uruguay. However, leg…
    Vilnius Lithuania


    MPs Introduce Cannabis Decriminalization Measure In Lithuania

    Lithuania may not be the first place that you think of when it comes to cannabis policy reform, however, efforts to reform the nation’s c…
    Canadian currency money

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    Researchers Identify Two Main Motivating Factors Behind Unregulated Cannabis Purchases

    Legal cannabis is spreading across the planet, and with it, purchasing freedoms for some consumers. Yet, the unregulated market still exi…
    jamaica flag

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    Jamaica Medical Cannabis Development Task Force Report Is Complete

    Historically, Jamaica is one of the top countries associated with cannabis on the planet, and a very strong argument could be made that i…
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    Luxembourg’s Home Grow Legislation In Progress

    The long-delayed legislation appears to be moving – perhaps in response to the dramatic announcement that the German government will lega…


    Legalize Cannabis Australia Party Obtains Record Results In Queensland Elections

    The single-issue party is poised to gain its first senate seat in Queensland. Is recreational reform on the cards nationally? Election…
    italy flag

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    Italian Ministry Of Défense Publishes Pre-Bid Call For New Cannabis Cultivation Companies

    The Ministry is trying to identify qualified cultivators to cultivate in Florence The Ministry of Defense has just published an “expre…
    rio de janeiro brazil

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    Brazilian Medical Cannabis Consumption Increases 110% In One Year

    Consumption of medical cannabis products in Brazil increased by 110% in 2021 from 2020 according to study by BRCANN, the Brazilian Associ…
    honduras flag

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    Honduras Vice President Wants To Create 85,000 Cannabis Jobs

    One of the biggest selling points for reforming cannabis laws, for better or worse, is the industry component. Studies and polls have con…
    cannabidiol cbd oil


    Topical CBD Ointment Efficacious For Psoriasis According To Thailand Researchers

    Psoriasis is a skin condition that involves the development of a rash with itchy, scaly patches. The most common locations on the human b…
    cbd hemp business fair

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    CBD Hemp Business Fair Is Coming To Spain

    Cannabidiol (CBD) currently has the designation of being the most popular cannabinoid on earth. As proof of that claim, consider the fact…
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    Will Luxembourg Beat Germany To Adult-Use Legalization?

    Luxembourg’s Minister of Justice Sam Tanson announced in the Chamber of Deputies this week that a draft cannabis legalization bill is on …
    International Cannabis Business Conference



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