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Legal Outlets Are The Most Common Source For Cannabis In Canada Since 2019

Canada still serves as the largest legal, national cannabis adult-use market, with sales originally launching in late 2018. The nation se…
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What Are The Top Cannabis Companies In Spain?

Spain’s cannabis community is second to none in many ways, and its current industry model is very unique. Unfortunately, public cannabis …
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The Top International Cannabis Stories Of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close we will look back on the biggest stories from the international cannabis community over the last year. Germany …
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Saskatchewan Government Files First Nations Cannabis Authority Legislation

The emerging cannabis industry has the potential to transform communities and boost opportunities for those that live where cannabis comm…
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Could Malta’s Cannabis Club Licensing Model Benefit Spain?

As I often point out, Spain is home to one of the most amazing cannabis communities on earth, particularly Barcelona where we co-host the…
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Higher THC Percentages Are Finally Coming To Pharmacies In Uruguay

One of my biggest cannabis public policy pet peeves is when governments institute THC percentage caps on products, primarily due to the n…

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Malta To Start Accepting Cannabis Club Applications By February

Malta made continental history late in 2021 when lawmakers passed Europe’s first nationwide adult-use legalization measure. Prior to lega…
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Canadian Chamber Of Commerce Weighs In On Legislative Review Of The Cannabis Act

Canada was the first G-7 nation to legalize cannabis for adult-use at the national level, and the second nation to do so on earth, only b…
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Pilot Project In Switzerland To Import Cannabis From Canada?

Cannabis pilot programs are part of an interesting public policy concept that is springing up in Europe. Essentially, cannabis pilot prog…
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Governments Need To Embrace Cannabis Tourism

A common misconception about cannabis reform is that once a jurisdiction’s lawmakers or voters initially approve an adult-use legalizatio…
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Costa Rica Authorizes First Hemp Project

Cannabis reform may be spreading across the globe at an ever-increasing pace, and with it, the emerging international cannabis industry, …
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Canadian Study Arrives At Obvious Conclusion Regarding Cannabis Purchasing Decisions

I am one of those lucky people that lives in a legal cannabis jurisdiction, and in my opinion, I live in the best legal market for cannab…
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Argentina Adds New Cannabis Varieties To National Catalog Of Cultivars

Argentina has experienced a lot of cannabis industry and policy activity in recent months. For instance, right before the start of last s…
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Why Other European Countries Need To Be Like The Czech Republic

Ever since the dust settled on the 2021 federal election in Germany cannabis observers around the globe have kept a close eye on the cann…
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