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Ispire Technology Inc. Announces Closing Of Initial Public Offering

One of my favorite cannabis technology companies is Ispire, which makes cannabis consumption devices such as the DAAB. The company’s stoc…
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Why Is Mexico’s President Criticizing The NBA’s New Cannabis Policy?

Earlier this month the National Basketball Player’s Association, which represents National Basketball Association (NBA) players, announce…
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Cannabis Production Identified As A Top Investment Opportunity In Rwanda

Rwanda’s economy ranks 171st on earth according to World Data, making it one of the poorest countries on the planet. Rwanda’s economy is …
International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

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The Global Cannabis Industry’s Increasing Momentum Was On Full Display In Barcelona

The emerging legal international cannabis industry is stronger now than at any other time since the dawn of prohibition so many decades a…
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Spain To Quadruple Legal Medical Cannabis Production This Year

Late last month lawmakers in Spain considered a cannabis reform measure, and while the measure did not pass, Spain’s emerging legal canna…
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Yukon Has The Highest Per Person Cannabis Sales Ratio In Canada

Statistics Canada released new sales data pertaining to the nation’s emerging legal cannabis industry for the period of April 1, 2021 to …
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Uruguay’s Medical Cannabis Industry To Expand Via Authorization Of ‘Master Formulas’

Uruguay was the first country to ever pass and implement a national adult-use legalization measure. Lawmakers initially passed a legaliza…
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Cannabis Consumers In Canada Continue To Transition To The Regulated Market

Canada was the second nation to pass a national adult-use legalization measure back in 2018, with only Uruguay preceding Canada in doing …
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March 2023 Is Set To Be A Historic Month For European Cannabis

The next 32 days on the European continent could prove to be one of the most historic stretches of time for cannabis public policy and th…
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Malta Home Affairs Ministry Is Reportedly ‘In Talks With A Main Bank’

A unique cannabis public policy and industry experiment is ramping up in Malta where non-profit adult-use cannabis clubs are expected in …
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Report Estimates Global Legal Cannabis Sales To Reach $59.6 Billion By 2027

These are truly exciting times for the emerging international cannabis industry. After decades of prohibition policies dominating the glo…
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Zimbabwe Tobacco Farmers Get More Incentive To Switch To Hemp

Historically, Zimbabwe has served as the top producer of tobacco on the African continent, although in recent years many tobacco farmers …
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Lawmakers In Spain To Debate Cannabis Regulation On Tuesday

When it comes to cannabis reform efforts there are various speeds at which jurisdictions move, ranging from a rapid pace like we saw in T…
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Cultivating Cannabis For An Emerging International Cannabis Market

The act and art of cultivating the cannabis plant is far from a new thing. Researchers have found evidence of humans cultivating the cann…
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