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These Sectors Of Germany’s Cannabis Industry Will Thrive Under Phase 1 Of Legalization

Germany’s long-awaited legalization plan was announced earlier this month, with multiple federal ministers participating in a widely view…
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Chronic Pain Patients Report Improvements In New UK Study

A fairly sizable study was recently concluded in the United Kingdom involving cannabis, chronic pain, quality of life, and opioid use. Th…
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Another Study Finds That Cannabis Products Improve Health-Related Quality Of Life

The cannabis plant is helping more and more suffering patients every day thanks to cannabis policies being reformed in a growing number o…
International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

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The Global Cannabis Industry’s Increasing Momentum Was On Full Display In Barcelona

The emerging legal international cannabis industry is stronger now than at any other time since the dawn of prohibition so many decades a…
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Cannabis Use Is Effective In Chronic Pain And Anxiety Patients According To UK Study

Chronic pain and anxiety are two of the most common health conditions diagnosed around the world. In fact, it is estimated that as many a…
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The World Has Lost A Giant Of Cannabis Science – Tribute To Raphael Mechoulam

Some events are so monumental that people measure their lives by them. People remember where they were when humans landed on the moon. Th…
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Recent Cannabis Study Provides Hope For Tinnitus Patients

Tinnitus involves people hearing a ringing or other noise in their ears. Sometimes it is constant, and sometimes it comes and goes. Howev…
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Uruguay’s Medical Cannabis Industry To Expand Via Authorization Of ‘Master Formulas’

Uruguay was the first country to ever pass and implement a national adult-use legalization measure. Lawmakers initially passed a legaliza…
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Cannabis In Subjects Pre-Treated With Pain Medications Doesn’t Negatively Impact Breathing

Opioids are exponentially more harmful compared to cannabis, however, there are times when both forms of medicine have to be consumed by …
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Thailand Study Finds CBD Treatment Effective At Treating Canker Sores

Canker sores are not a fun topic to discuss, however, they are even less fun to endure. Canker sores, also referred to as aphthous ulcers…
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Hemp May Be Increasingly Used As A Plant-Based Meat Ingredient

The hemp plant is one of the most versatile crops on earth, capable of producing numerous textiles and wellness products. According to ne…
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March 2023 Is Set To Be A Historic Month For European Cannabis

The next 32 days on the European continent could prove to be one of the most historic stretches of time for cannabis public policy and th…
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Italian Study Finds THC-Dominant Extracts Reduce Alzheimer’s-Induced Agitation

As of 2012, researchers estimated that as many as 24 million people globally were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and that the number …
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International Researchers Cure Horse’s Behavioral Disorders Using 4-Weeks Of CBD Treatment

A team of international researchers from Italy and Brazil published findings earlier this month in the science publication Veterinary and…
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