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Why Are Canadian Doctors Still So Unfamiliar With Medical Cannabis?

Despite what some governments around the world may claim, cannabis does indeed possess tremendous medical value, as proven by a growing n…
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Canadian Case Study Finds Favorable Results For CBD Oil And Autism

It is estimated that over 75 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with autism, with countless other people going undiagnosed for …
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Study Finds No Link Between In-Utero Cannabis Exposure And Elevated Risk Of ADHD In Children

Few topics, if any, in the cannabis world are as sensitive as cannabis use during pregnancy, for obvious reasons. An expecting mother tha…
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Cannabis Industry Leaders And International Policymakers To Attend Croatia Retreat

After a historic Global Investment Forum and B2B conference in Berlin in July, the International Cannabis Business Conference is hosting …
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Prior Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Urological Cancers

Urological cancers can occur in both men and women and are caused by abnormal cell growths in the organs of the urinary tract and the mal…
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Spanish General Counsel Of Official Colleges Of Physicians Plans To Train Doctors In Cannabis Care

The formal approval of cannabis for medical purposes in Spain has created a demand to train doctors in prescribing medical cannabis Th…
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CBD Is Safe And Effective For People With Treatment-Resistant Anxiety Disorders Per Clinical Trial

It is estimated that roughly 4% of the world’s population suffers from some level of anxiety, although, no one really knows the actual nu…
stethescope doctor medical hospital


Authorized Medical Cannabis Patients At Low Risk For Psychiatric Hospitalizations

If you sit and listen to a cannabis prohibitionist talk for a long enough duration of time it’s almost guaranteed that they will offer up…
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Cannabis May Be A “Useful Treatment Strategy” For Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia is a serious problem across the globe, affecting people of all ages. It is estimated that as many as one out of every twenty…
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Hemp Increases Cow Health – And Reduces Bovine Stress

A federally funded study published in Scientific Reports suggests that hemp has similar effects on humans and cows A US Department of …
Registration International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin 2022

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Recapping A Historic International Cannabis Business Conference In Berlin

Whether you are a passionate cannabis enthusiast or just a passive cannabis industry observer, you are surely well aware of the fact that…
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Multiple National Cannabis Missions At International Cannabis Business Conference In Berlin

Multiple economic missions had booths at the conference last week – the beginning of an international trend While the scale of the eve…
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CBD Use Associated With Reduced Tobacco Intake

A question has perplexed cannabis advocates since the dawn of cannabis prohibition – why is tobacco legal and cannabis illegal given how …
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Cannabis A “Common Treatment” For Chronic Pain Survey Finds

Chronic pain is arguably the most common health condition found around the world, with an estimated one out of every 5 adults suffering f…
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