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    United States 2022 Election A Mixed Bag For Cannabis Reform

    November 8th was Election Day in the United States, and cannabis reform was on the ballot in several jurisdictions, both at the state lev…
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    Study Finds Cannabis Inversely Associated With Hypertension In HCV Patients

    We previously reported that a peer reviewed study in France determined that medical cannabis use was associated with a lower BMI in patie…
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    Cannabis Bust In Spain Highlights Need For Legalizing Cannabis, Not Continued Prohibition

    If you are like me, then you read headlines over the weekend regarding a large cannabis operation bust in Spain. The bust was touted in m…
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    Canadian Study Arrives At Obvious Conclusion Regarding Cannabis Purchasing Decisions

    I am one of those lucky people that lives in a legal cannabis jurisdiction, and in my opinion, I live in the best legal market for cannab…
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    Argentina Adds New Cannabis Varieties To National Catalog Of Cultivars

    Argentina has experienced a lot of cannabis industry and policy activity in recent months. For instance, right before the start of last s…
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    Inhaled Cannabis “Safe And Effective” For Treating Lower Back Pain According To New Study

    Since at least 1990, and likely prior, lower back pain is the leading cause of years lived with disability worldwide. According to the Gl…
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    Why Other European Countries Need To Be Like The Czech Republic

    Ever since the dust settled on the 2021 federal election in Germany cannabis observers around the globe have kept a close eye on the cann…
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    Thailand Department Of Agriculture Gives Green Light To Cannabis Seed Imports

    Prior to last week, the only way that cannabis seeds could be imported legally to India was via air transport, and even then, imports wer…
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    Cannabis Pilot Program In The Netherlands Continues To Experience Delays

    Cannabis pilot programs are becoming more popular in Europe. For those that are unaware of what an adult-use cannabis pilot program entai…
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    Where Does The German Cannabis Legalization Effort Go From Here?

    As the month of October draws to a close it is safe to say that it was one of the most eventful months for cannabis policy in Germany’s h…
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    Study Finds That CBD May Offset THC-Induced Anxiety

    The cannabis plant is one of the most versatile plants on earth, and quite possibly could be the most versatile plant on the planet. Alth…
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    Large Drop In Cannabis Possession Prosecutions In Jersey

    The topic of cannabis is arguably the most popular topic on earth right now. Momentum for international cannabis reform has never been gr…
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