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Frankfurt And Offenbach Declare Intent To Launch Pilot Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

By Johnny Green

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A little over a week ago federal ministers in Germany held a press conference in which they provided details regarding the nation’s current legalization plan. The plan has two phases, with the first involving legalizing personal cannabis possession, use, and cultivation, as well as permitting noncommercial cannabis clubs.

The second phase of legalization in Germany will involve the launch of localized adult-use cannabis commerce pilot projects, sometimes also referred to as ‘model region’ projects. The projects will allow localities to launch regional, regulated cannabis sales in Germany for regulatory research and public policy development purposes.

While much is yet to be determined regarding what exact regulations will be involved, there are some components that are out to the public now after the April 12th press conference, and at least two jurisdictions in Germany are already declaring their intent to pursue pilot projects.

Frankfurt And Offenbach

This week, mere days after the historic press conference in Germany, policymakers in Frankfurt and Offenbach both indicated publicly that their jurisdictions will pursue legal localized cannabis sales as a means to combat the unregulated market.

“If the consumer is no longer stigmatized and criminalized, the discussions about risks can be conducted in a completely different way,” stated Artur Schroers, Head of the Drugs Department of the City of Frankfurt, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Both Frankfurt and Offenbach reportedly issued declarations of intent to pursue the pilot programs, however, both jurisdictions will need to wait until a legalization measure is formally introduced and adopted, and comprehensive information becomes available regarding how jurisdictions can apply and what requirements will be involved.

European Union Lobbying Will Continue

Multiple lawmakers in Germany are calling for the immediate introduction and implementation of the adult-use legalization plan presented at the press conference earlier this month, and for there to be no further delays in doing so.

Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach continues to serve as a political pinball of sorts, bouncing between working with domestic lawmakers at home and lobbying the European Union in an effort to get the EU’s permission for Germany to pursue wider reforms. The lobbying effort essentially serves as a third phase for German legalization, albeit on a separate path and timeline compared to the first two phases.

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