Research Nature Institute University of Ljubljana seminar

Research Nature Institute Bringing Cannabis Healthcare Seminar To University Of Ljubljana

By Johnny Green

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The cannabis plant is arguably the most helpful plant on earth, especially when it comes to wellness benefits. Cannabis, and the cannabinoid-based products derived from it, have been found to effectively treat numerous health conditions, as evidenced by a growing body of peer-reviewed research and patient experiences.

Unfortunately, many in the healthcare field are not as knowledgeable about the cannabis plant and its wellness properties as they should be. Given how prevalent cannabis use is in society, particularly for medical purposes, it’s vital that members of the healthcare community know the science behind the cannabis plant and how to use it effectively to treat various conditions.

An amazing opportunity to learn more about cannabinoids and their role in healthcare is coming to the University of Ljubljana later this month. The Research Nature Institute, in conjunction with university faculty, is hosting a two-part cannabis healthcare seminar on October 19th and 26th.

The two-part seminar at the University of Ljubljana is the second event of its type at the institution, with a prior seminar taking place back in May. It is the third education event by the Research Nature Institute recognized by the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and the Chamber of Nurses of Slovenia.

Topics to be covered during the seminar later this month include:

– information as facts – and separate it from misinformation,
– the situation in the field of medical use of cannabis in Slovenia,
– policy in the field of cannabis and cannabinoids in Slovenia and in the world,
– clinical approaches to cannabis therapies in Israel,
– theory and the practice of using cannabis with medical vaporizers,
– methods and success of using cannabis among older adults in the world,
– methods of applying cannabis to healthy and sick populations,
– experiences of treatment with cannabinoids in Germany,
– experiences with cannabis in complementary medicine (Israel).

The seminar’s program will include world class speakers, which is itself a testament to the quality of the seminar, as well as a testament to the increased international cannabis community focus on Slovenia and the greater Balkan region.

The event will be moderated by journalist Mr. Gorazd Re─Źnik and will be available online in addition to in-person, so everyone around the globe is encouraged to attend. You can find out more, and register, at the seminar’s webpage on the university’s website.


About the Research Nature Institute

The Research Nature Institute researches the efficacy and safety of natural remedies that are currently available or are of limited access to persons in need. By setting standards for quality control and standardization, providing accreditation programs, and taking part in clinical trials, the Research Nature Institute aims to ensure natural remedies are clean (free of contaminants) and effective at known dosages to the user. Underlying its mission is to educate the public, medical professionals and legislators of its findings based on sound scientific methodologies and principles.

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