International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2022

Barcelona Cannabis Superconference 2022 Was Particularly Special

By International Cannabis Chronicle

For many years Spannabis served as the largest cannabis gathering on planet earth, well before cannabis went mainstream and even before the emerging legal cannabis industry even existed. People came to Barcelona year after year from all over the globe to celebrate the cannabis plant and the community that surrounds it.

After a brief hiatus, Spannabis came back last month and once again the event teamed up with the International Cannabis Business Conference to form the world’s largest cannabis superconference. By many measures, the superconference was the first truly global cannabis event to take place in 2022. Anyone that attended the events will be quick to tell you that the atmosphere was electric and it was amazing to see old friends and make new ones.

For the International Cannabis Business Conference specifically, over 1,000 people attended the event in total. Lawmakers, regulators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry service providers from 80 countries attended the B2B conference, along with dozens of expert speakers that covered a range of important topics during their presentations. Below is a recap video from the International Cannabis Business Conference’s YouTube channel, where videos of the panels can also be viewed courtesy of Marihuana Television:

One thing that was very evident throughout the conference is that while many industries have had to scale back or even stall completely in recent years, the cannabis industry is not one of them. The legal cannabis industry is larger than ever before and operates in more jurisdictions than ever before, so it’s not exactly shocking that the excitement level in Barcelona was enormous. You could see it on everyone’s faces and sense it in their enthusiastic conversations.

The future of the global cannabis industry is extremely bright, particularly on the European continent where the cannabis industry is expanding at a rapid pace. That is especially true in Berlin, Germany where the next set of International Cannabis Business Conference events will take place this July. The Berlin Global Investment Forum will occur on July 18th, 2022, with a VIP reception being held the night before. This investment-focused summit will bring together international investors and cannabis companies looking for capital while providing a forum for exchange in the key areas that the market needs most – real data and available capital.

After the Global Investment Forum, the International Cannabis Business Conference’s flagship B2B event begins its 2-day curriculum of keynote speakers, presentations, and expert-led panels. Both events will be the ideal place for cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and industry service providers to network with each other as well as network with leading international cannabis policymakers from around the globe.

Below is footage of a panel from last year’s International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin featuring representatives from Germany’s major political parties, the first panel of its kind at the time. The panel discussion occurred a mere weeks before Germany’s 2021 election. The results of German’s election that year, and the Traffic Light Coalition that came out of it, are the driving force behind adult-use cannabis legalization in Germany right now.

It’s just one of the many examples of why people should attend the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin this year. Tickets are available at this link here.

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