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Italy Would Obviously Benefit From Cannabis Legalization

A bit of a metaphorical political food fight occurred last week on social media with two lawmakers in Italy having, shall we say, a ‘deba…
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France Council Proposes Cannabis Legalization To Boost Public Health

France is one of the most popular places for cannabis consumption on the entire planet, which may shock some people given the fact that F…
Germany Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

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Report: German Health Minister Confirms Timetable For Cannabis Legalization

Over the weekend a potentially significant report surfaced regarding cannabis legalization in Germany. To quickly recap how we got to whe…

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Is Uruguay’s Cannabis Industry About To Evolve?

Over nine years ago Uruguay made history after passing the world’s first-ever national adult-use cannabis legalization measure. In Decemb…
Cannabis regulation in Spain

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Will Barcelona’s Cannabis Industry Reach Its Full Potential?

Barcelona, Spain is the social cannabis use capital of the world. Home to hundreds of cannabis lounges and clubs, Barcelona’s cannabis co…
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New Medical Cannabis Industry Regulations Delayed In Spain

Back in June 2022 Spain’s Health and Consumption Commission of the Congress of Deputies approved an opinion of the Medical Cannabis Subco…
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Cannabis Seizures At U.S./Mexico Border Fall To Historic Lows

By many measures the border shared by the United States and Mexico has served as ground-zero for the war on cannabis. It’s no secret that…
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Will Costa Rica Become A Top Cannabis Tourism Destination?

Cannabis tourism is not a new thing, however, the size of that particular sector of the emerging international cannabis industry has hist…
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Which Country Is More Likely To Legalize In 2023 – The U.S. Or Germany?

When it comes to the ongoing fight to end global cannabis prohibition, there’s a saying that I often use – the bigger the nation’s econom…
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Medical Cannabis Products Now Covered By Government-Funded Health Insurance In Colombia

In 2022 Colombia’s Health Ministry approved the expansion of health insurance coverage of certain medical procedures and medications, inc…
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Italian Army Seeks To Supply Country’s Entire Medical Cannabis Program

Back in April 2015, Italy’s Army did something that shocked many people around the world – it unveiled to the international community a c…
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What Were The Top U.S. Cannabis Policy Stories In 2022?

The United States has historically led the charge when it comes to global cannabis prohibition, so any time cannabis policies are reforme…
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The Amount Of Legal Cannabis Planted In Greenhouses In Uruguay Nearly Doubled In A Year

Uruguay’s legal cannabis industry may not be as large as industries in other nations, however, it will always hold the distinction of bei…
Eiffel Tower in Paris France

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France Lifts Ban On CBD Product Sales

Roughly one year ago, on December 30, 2021 the government in France issued a ban on the sales of CBD products. CBD products have increase…
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German Lawmakers Block Health Ministry Funding And Demand Legalization Measure

As 2022 draws to a close and cannabis observers start to look ahead to 2023, Germany will continue to be the focal point of most people’s…
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