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German Finance Minister: Expect Cannabis Legalization In 2023

When it comes to the push for adult-use cannabis legalization there’s no place on earth that is as exciting as Germany right now. Late la…
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Activists Planning Legal Action To Fully Legalize South Africa’s Cannabis Industry

Cannabis activism and advocacy can come in many forms. I have worked to reform cannabis laws for many years now and have helped promote c…
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Nearly 10% Of Canadian Cannabis Consumers Engage In Home Cultivation

Cultivating your own cannabis can provide many benefits, …

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New Zealand Approves Sale Of Domestic Cannabis Products

The island nation has relied on exports to treat patients…

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Government Of Canada Launches Legislative Review Of The Cannabis Act

Canada became the second country on earth to pass an adul…

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University Of Sydney To Offer Free Cannabis Testing

The University of Sydney is launching a fairly robust stu…
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Hong Kong Goes Backwards On CBD Policy

Hong Kong is planning on banning all cannabidiol (CBD) pr…

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Scenes From German Cannabis Legalization In Progress

The German government is clearly moving forward with plans to legalize the plant. A delegation of Bundestag members is currently touring …
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Going Back Is Not An Option: From Germany To Thailand, Lawmakers Realize Cannabis Legalization Is On Horizon

In the last week, government officials from both Germany and Thailand have echoed a similar sentiment In every movement, there comes a…
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Committee Approves Cannabis Regulation Measure In Colombia

The cannabis industry is on the move at the global level, and there are few places on earth where that is as evident as in Colombia. The …
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Domestic Cannabis Is Finally Coming To New Zealand

New Zealand nearly became the third country to pass an adult-use cannabis legalization measure back in 2020. The referendum measure faile…
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BDSA Forecasts $57 Billion Cannabis Market By 2026

A new report from BDSA, an international cannabis industry data company, was published this week which provided new projections and estim…

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Prohibiting International Athletes From Consuming Cannabis Is Ridiculous

Earlier this week news surfaced that the World Anti-Doping Agency will be likely be keeping cannabis on its list of banned substances. Th…
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Switzerland Adult-Use Cannabis Pilot Program Delayed By ‘Quality Issues’

Switzerland has worked to launch a pilot adult-use cannabis program in various jurisdictions, including in Basel where the country’s firs…
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Prohibition Treaties Will Not Stop Cannabis Legalization In Germany

I have helped work on cannabis reform efforts since the late 1990s when medical cannabis reform initiatives were being heavily pursued on…
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Is The Biden White House Waiting On Germany To Move Ahead On Recreational Reform?

The US president is putting off further conversation about American cannabis reform until after the mid-terms. Is he waiting for Germany …
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Members Of German Bundestag Travel To North America To Examine Cannabis Legalization

Eight members of the Bundestag’s Health Committee head to North America to educate themselves about how reform works in both California a…
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Political Clashes Over Legalization Continue From Bavarian Politicians

Lawyers for the Bundestag Scientific Service of the Bundestag issue analysis of cannabis legalization, claiming it violates EU law – and …
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CSU Critiques Of Traffic Coalition Plan To Legalize Cannabis Meets Wide Mockery

CSU leader Markus Söder and Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach trade barbs over current government drug policy – which goes viral on…
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