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What’s Really Going On With Cannabis In Spain?

Cannabis consumers and patients live in some truly amazing times in many parts of the world thanks to the tireless efforts of cannabis ac…
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Lithuania’s President Should Not Be Afraid Of Cannabis Reform

Lithuanian President Gitanas NausÄ—da recently participated in an interview for LRT Radio during which he was asked about efforts to decri…
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Could Malta’s Cannabis Club Licensing Model Benefit Spain?

As I often point out, Spain is home to one of the most amazing cannabis communities on earth, particularly Barcelona where we co-host the…
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Higher THC Percentages Are Finally Coming To Pharmacies In Uruguay

One of my biggest cannabis public policy pet peeves is when governments institute THC percentage caps on products, primarily due to the n…
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Germany’s Health Minister To Commission ‘An Expert Opinion’ To Help EU Legalization Push

What I would give to be a fly on the wall in the room where private cannabis policy discussions are being held between European Union (EU…

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Malta To Start Accepting Cannabis Club Applications By February

Malta made continental history late in 2021 when lawmakers passed Europe’s first nationwide adult-use legalization measure. Prior to lega…
German Lawmakers

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German Lawmakers Call For Cannabis Legalization Bill To Be Expedited

How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait to get permission from the European Union before introducing an adult-use cannabis legali…
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Increased Safe Access In Poland Is A Good Thing

Poland may not be the first country that you think of when the topic of medical cannabis comes up, however, the country is currently expe…
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The EU Is Deciding On More Than Just German Legalization

When it comes to cannabis reform activity, Germany is undeniably on center stage with the international spotlight placed directly on it. …
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Governments Need To Embrace Cannabis Tourism

A common misconception about cannabis reform is that once a jurisdiction’s lawmakers or voters initially approve an adult-use legalizatio…
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German Cannabis Legalization Would Obviously Benefit Public Safety Efforts

Late last week an article was published by Frankfurter Allgemeine in which the Vice President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)…
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Is Germany Planning To Restrict Medical Cannabis Insurance Reimbursements?

Germany is home to Europe’s largest medical cannabis market, which is not surprising given the size of Germany’s population and economy. …
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Cannabis Bust In Spain Highlights Need For Legalizing Cannabis, Not Continued Prohibition

If you are like me, then you read headlines over the weekend regarding a large cannabis operation bust in Spain. The bust was touted in m…
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Canadian Study Arrives At Obvious Conclusion Regarding Cannabis Purchasing Decisions

I am one of those lucky people that lives in a legal cannabis jurisdiction, and in my opinion, I live in the best legal market for cannab…
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