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These Sectors Of Germany’s Cannabis Industry Will Thrive Under Phase 1 Of Legalization

Germany’s long-awaited legalization plan was announced earlier this month, with multiple federal ministers participating in a widely view…
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German Government Announces Plans For Permitting Adult-Use Home Cultivation

Today in Germany federal ministers from the nation’s government held a press conference in which they announced components for what will …
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What Percentage Of Germany’s Population Consumes Cannabis?

For lawmakers and potential cannabis industry regulators, knowing what current cannabis consumption rates are in a given country is impor…
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Will Amsterdam’s New Cannabis Smoking Ban Become A Trend?

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cannabis tourism destinations on earth, and for many years, the European city was the undeniable wor…
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Will Malta’s Cannabis Club Model Be Adopted By Germany And Spain?

In many ways the European continent seems like it is on the cusp of hitting warp speed for cannabis policy reform, and if so, a potential…
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Who Attends International Cannabis Business Conference Events?

The International Cannabis Business Conference is the world’s largest global B2B cannabis event series, with upcoming events occurring in…

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Media And Marketing In The Emerging International Cannabis Industry

Nearly every business in every industry on the planet needs to market their products and/or services to some degree in order to succeed. …
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Italy Would Obviously Benefit From Cannabis Legalization

A bit of a metaphorical political food fight occurred last week on social media with two lawmakers in Italy having, shall we say, a ‘deba…
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France Council Proposes Cannabis Legalization To Boost Public Health

France is one of the most popular places for cannabis consumption on the entire planet, which may shock some people given the fact that F…
Germany Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

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Report: German Health Minister Confirms Timetable For Cannabis Legalization

Over the weekend a potentially significant report surfaced regarding cannabis legalization in Germany. To quickly recap how we got to whe…
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5 Reasons To Attend An International Cannabis Business Conference Event In Europe

The International Cannabis Business Conference is the world’s leading cannabis industry and policy event series. Below is a list of reaso…
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What’s Really Going On With Cannabis In Spain?

Cannabis consumers and patients live in some truly amazing times in many parts of the world thanks to the tireless efforts of cannabis ac…
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Lithuania’s President Should Not Be Afraid Of Cannabis Reform

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda recently participated in an interview for LRT Radio during which he was asked about efforts to decri…
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Which Country Is More Likely To Legalize In 2023 – The U.S. Or Germany?

When it comes to the ongoing fight to end global cannabis prohibition, there’s a saying that I often use – the bigger the nation’s econom…
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