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Costa Rica Authorizes First Hemp Project

Cannabis reform may be spreading across the globe at an ever-increasing pace, and with it, the emerging international cannabis industry, …
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Canadian Study Arrives At Obvious Conclusion Regarding Cannabis Purchasing Decisions

I am one of those lucky people that lives in a legal cannabis jurisdiction, and in my opinion, I live in the best legal market for cannab…
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German Insurers Begin To Take New Tact On Medical Cannabis

AOK has begun a new program with German Society for Pain Medicine to decrease approval complexity, while Barmer has just issued a new dig…
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Malta Has Not Issued Any Licenses To Cannabis Associations And Clubs

Eight months after the new rules on cannabis use came into effect, the government has failed to issue a single license allowing such esta…
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New Academic Study Links Cannabis Legalization To Decreasing Pharma Profits

The study, published in a non-profit, peer reviewed journal, is the strongest evidence yet that the legalization of cannabis directly (an…
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Panama’s President Approves Executive Decree Regulating Domestic Cannabis Industry

Laurentino Cortizo approved Law 242 at an executive level to move the now legalized industry forward from legislative bill to on the grou…
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63% Of Colombians Support A Sales Tax On Cannabis Products According To Survey

Colombia has served as ground zero for the war on drugs in many ways for many years, largely due to the nation’s cocaine industry. It is …
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Fair Trading Commission Recommends Government Funding For Jamaican Cannabis Pursuits

Finding proper funding in the cannabis industry, including cannabis research, is not an easy task. Ask anyone involved in cannabis in any…
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Cannabis Industry Leaders And International Policymakers To Attend Croatia Retreat

After a historic Global Investment Forum and B2B conference in Berlin in July, the International Cannabis Business Conference is hosting …
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Latin American Cannabis Exports To Europe Are Increasing – And Increasingly Important

Central and South America are playing an ever more vital role in European cannabis market development The first shipment of CBD from E…
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Legacy Vs. “Legitimate” Cannabis? The Answers Are Not So Clearcut

The line between legitimacy and legacy is increasingly blurry – and it is not clear that legalization will change this In New York Sta…
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Thailand’s U-Turn On Cannabis Policy As It Targets Tourist Market

Thailand, infamous for its strict anti-cannabis laws, appears to have done a 180-degree turn in an effort to attract post-Covid tourists …
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Colombian President Considers Removing License Prerequisite For Cannabis Cultivation

Newly sworn-in President Gustavo Petro is on the cusp of a revolutionary new national stance on cannabis cultivation – namely removing th…
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Hong Kong Taking First Steps To Crack Down On CBD

Earlier this summer government officials in Hong Kong announced that they are pursuing a plan to prohibit CBD entirely. The announcement …
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